Pilote Trémintin


Pilote Tremintin II
The S.N.S.M. (National Society for Sea Rescue) is a mutual aid society and a not for profit public utility.It was founded in 1967 by the merging of the H.S.B. Hospitaliers sauveteurs bretons/Breton Rescuers Hospitallers ,founded in 1873, and the S.C.S. Societe Centrale de Sauvetage en Mer/Central society for sea rescue, founded in 1865.Its 255 lifeboat stations are manned by volunteers drawn from the merchant marine and navy as well as divers, doctors and experienced yachtsmen.All have a great love of the sea and must be available at all times day or night to launch the lifeboat within 15 minutes of call out.

The station on the Island of Batz was founded in 1894 with the boat "Holy Madeleine and Saint Victoire de Saint Faron" in service until 1949 when the service was first motorized.
The wood-hulled vessel "Pilot Tremintin" is 13m in length and propelled by 2 diesel Baudouin engines of 75cv which attain a speed of 10 knots.She was built in 1957 at the Lemaistre shipyard of Fecamp and is still to be seen in island waters as, on decommission, she was repurchased by a member of her crew.
Her replacement "Pilot Tremintin II" was built in 1997 by the Sibril shipyard. She is a 15.50m self-righting, non sinkable, all weather vessel propelled by two 400cv engines which attain a speed of 22 knots.
Photographs by kind permission of the Lifeboat Station of the Island of Batz


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